If you’re struggling to strategize, innovate, or execute I’m here to help. From creating and getting everyone aligned on product strategy, growing the product team, exploring new markets, and more, I’ll make sure you have the right conversations. 


I can join you as a short-term consultant to help you get established, build a future-proof culture, establish proven processes and hire the right technology executives for your company.

About Pramod

A Decade Of Maximizing Human Potential For Firms!

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  • Are Your Deliverables Never On Time?

  • Are You Unable To Estimate The Amount Of Work Required To Build A Product?

  • Is Your Team Unable To Contribute To Your Product’s Success?

  • Are Innovative Ideas Difficult To Come By?

  • Is Your Roadmap Nowhere Close To Executable?

  • Do You Not Have A Framework That Helps Make Decisions Easy At Your Firm?

  • Are You Burning Through Cash And Don’t Have Profits To Show?

Hi, I'm Pramod George and I help new teams build great products and scale their product management function. Whether you're just starting up or trying to productize your services, I can help you establish your product management vertical, build value-delivery focussed roadmaps, and design amazing user experiences.

Having worked with large enterprises and small teams take products to market globally, I have experience and insights that are rare in such a fast-growing industry. I am on a mission to help more companies build products that the world needs and loves.

If you're looking for a high agency leader to help you challenge your narrative and share insights around product development and marketing, send me a chat on Linkedin, would love to connect!