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Updated: May 31

You have a personal brand whether or not you know it or like it. If I search for you online and I don't find any information about you - that's your personal brand. If I find your Linkedin profile and it's abandoned - that's your personal brand.

In today's hyper-connected and online first world, your personal brand matters whether you like it or not.

In this post, I want to impress upon you the 'importance' of having a personal brand.

Personal branding is a long journey. Sometimes you'll feel like giving up and when that happens, I want you to remember this post.

We Live In The Attention Economy

In today's hyper-saturated, hyper-competitive world, attention (like oil) is a scarce resource. Those who wield it will have the highest chances of success. In the past oil and code used to be the scarce resource and we know how many billionaires that produced. Today attention is the new oil and influence is the new currency.

This is why...

  • Alex Hormozi is creating shorts

  • Will Smith is posting on Linkedin

  • Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44B

  • Kevin O'Leary is starting a YouTube channel

All these fellas have legit profitable businesses. They could easily do B2B marketing. But, they understand that to scale, they need organic attention - and are building their influence.

Companies all over the world have started to realize this. Today many corporate teams ask their employees to talk about the company on social media as a way to build their brand through persons. To hell with that, instead, build your own brand.

We also live in a post-truth world. People no longer trust faceless corporations. People want to do business with people, not companies.

Distribution Before Product

Let's get more personal. Let's talk about why YOU also need a personal brand as an entrepreneur.

Every business has 3 parts, the product, the operations, and the distribution. Most first-time entrepreneurs focus on the first two and forget about the last one. This is a fatal mistake that most don't recover from.

"Building your product before you build your distribution is like organizing a party and not inviting anyone." - Pramod George

Building your distribution first helps you

  • meet potential customers,

  • understand their real problems,

  • validate solutions without actually building them,

  • attract partners to help grow the business,

  • Presell to a warm group of audiences.

When you don't build your brand before you build your product, you end up building something no one asked for.

A personal brand solves all these issues in a fun way.

This is why I love personal branding.

I made a video about the importance of distribution over product. Check it out here.

Long Term Thinking

Personal Branding has one final advantage that not a lot of people realize. It's the most stable long-term, high-ROI digital asset that you can ever build.

Unlike starting fresh at a new job or new venture, your personal brand compounds don't take breaks. It is the tireless sales agent that whispers your worth to the world while you focus on doing fun things.

Whether you want to teach, speak at a conference, start a new service, or build a new product - a personal brand gives you an audience who will always support you.

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