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Should You Become An Entrepreneur Or An Influencer?

For a long time, I faced a dilemma: should I become an entrepreneur or an influencer? Both paths offered unique opportunities to maximize my creativity, freedom, and impact.

Ultimately, I decided that the best approach was to become an influencer first before diving into entrepreneurship. Here's why.

Understanding the Three Pillars of Business

Every business consists of three crucial components: the service, the operations, and the distribution. Many people focus heavily on the first two aspects but often overlook the importance of the last one.

The Importance of Distribution

Distribution is arguably more critical than the product or operations themselves. If people don't know about or buy your product, your business will inevitably fail. Building your distribution channels takes time and effort, but it's a necessary investment for success.

Identifying Real Market Needs

Another compelling reason to become an influencer first is that it helps you identify your potential customer's real problems. The number one reason why products fail is that they don't solve an actual market need. By building your distribution channels and interacting with potential customers, you can distinguish between their needs and wants.

Maximizing Value While Employed

If you're already employed, focusing on becoming an influencer can be a highly valuable side hustle. Building your brand and growing your audience can lay a strong foundation for future entrepreneurial endeavors.


When you're ready, there are 2 ways I can help you:

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