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This isn't an about page, it's a now page. It's everything I'm working on, interested in, and exploring at the moment. I update it every month or so.

2023, April 31

Going All In On Personal Branding


I've decided to focus my efforts on helping people build and grow their personal brand. A personal brand is the most valuable high-ROI asset that you can build. It can help you attract high-value relationships, work opportunities, and long-term wealth.




I'm continuing work on my YouTube Channel.

2023, March 31 (Update)

  1. My book "The Thrive Framework" is being re-written with new information.

  2. ​I've started offering consulting services to SaaS teams that need clarity and focus to build products that people love, that teams love to work on.​

  3. I've restarted work on my YouTube Channel.

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