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Hey, you found me!

Hi, I'm Pramod George and I'm a software product leader with over a decade of experience building solutions in both B2C & B2B spaces.


Please go through the contents of this page as it contains most of the information you will need as a recruiter.

Download my resume

Learn more about my professional experience and my core competencies.

3 Things I can do for you

that other product people can't because they lack the experience and skills to do so!



Guarantee a foundation that facilitates profitable delivery.

  1. Hire and build autonomous, self-motivated teams.

  2. Establish true agile processes.

  3. Inspire innovation as a goal.

  4. Set yearly budgets and forecasts for the product team.



Build roadmaps that tests hypothesis and deliver value to customers.

  1. Establish Adaptive Iterative Development That Helps Create Informed Roadmaps.

  2. Build Better Feedback Loops With Customers.

  3. Establish KPIs and Analytics Based Decision Making.




Design experiences that people will remember and keep them coming back to your product.

  1. Establish Design Systems For The Firm.

  2. Publish Verified User Journeys.

  3. Rapid Validation With High Fidelity Prototypes.

  4. Training for product support using empathetic voice models.

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Want to know what others have to say about me?

Check out my Linkedin recommendations. Get an unbiased view of the experiences and memories that I have created for my collegues.

My Personality Type


ENFPs have excellent people skills. In addition to having an abundance of enthusiasm, they also genuinely care about others. ENFPs are good at understanding what other people are feeling. Given their zeal, charisma, and creativity, they make great leaders.


Find out what I know....

Save your time during the interview. Familiarize yourself with what I know by following me on Youtube and Linkedin or reading my newsletter!

Roles in which I can best serve you...

Head of Products/ VP

35 USD/Hour

If you’re struggling to strategize, innovate, or execute I’m here to help. From creating and getting everyone aligned on product strategy, growing the product team, exploring new markets, and more, I’ll make sure you have the right conversations. 

Product Consultant

25 USD/Hour

I can join you as a short-term product leader to help you get established, build a product culture, establish proven processes and hire the right product and technology executives for your company.

Why is all this important?


Interviews are a costly and time-consuming process and I want to do my part to help teams understand the value that I bring and filter out companies that cannot benefit from my skills early on.

Heads up!

I only do up to 2 interviews

I don't do take-home assignments

Please invite me for interviews only if your process is lesser than 2 hours or 2 meetings long. If it takes more than 2 rounds or 2 hours, either we're discussing the wrong questions, or I'm not talking to the actual decision-makers in your company.

I don't do free consulting disguised as case studies. If you'd like me to discuss your business, please let me know (i.e; share your discussion agenda) "before the meeting" and I'd be happy to take a look at your business and verbally share my observations and suggestions during our conversation.

  • What is your current salary?
    My current salary is a confidential agreement between my current employer and me. Therefore, I cannot share those details. I will be happy to discuss a suitable compensation based on the role and it's expectations.
  • Where are you currently located?
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Are you willing to relocate outside India?
  • Do you prefer to work at office or remote work?
    I prefer co-located teams, (staying true to Agile principles) but over the last 2 years, I've set up an amazing home office which I've come to enjoy very much!

Contact Me

Sounds good? If your company is a cut above the rest, please feel to reach out to me via email or let's chat directly on whatsapp!

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