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Hi, I'm Pramod George. I'm an author, creator, and leader. I help build products and companies that people love that teams love working

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If you’re struggling to strategize, innovate, or execute I’m here to help. From creating and getting everyone aligned on product strategy, growing the product team, exploring new markets, and more, I’ll make sure you have the right conversations. 

What I Help With

Whether you want to build a product organization from the ground up or level up an existing team, bring me on board (literally), or hire me to coach, run a workshop, or give a talk, I’ll help your company become a highly-skilled, value delivery focused organization that works well together.

Build a smarter product organization

Establishing a product team that can deliver is tricky, which is why I'll help you design an organisation that improves autonomy, cross-functional collaboration, and communication across the organisation.

Develop product strategies and transformations

Your business is unique. I can help you identify the best way to grow it by designing your strategy, help you execute well or be your internal advocate when working with external transformation agencies.

Design amazing customer experiences/ products

Even today, many companies build products that customers do not need. I can help you validate each of your products for value, feasibility, usability and business viability and ensure that you build products that people need and love!

The Missing curriculum for profitable product development

The Value Framework

We live in an imperfect world. Teams aren’t always self-motivated or self-organized.

It’s difficult to prioritize change over a plan. We often have overbearing bosses. Profits are important and teams are humans who cannot sprint forever!

I wrote the book “The Value Framework” to give startups and product teams a framework that they can implement in their firms to profitably create and deliver value to customers.

Unlike other frameworks, The Value Framework (VFM) takes responsibility for the outcome of its recommendations.

This book doesn’t claim to have discovered another new methodology/ framework for software or business development, but takes us back to the first principles of building sustainable and profitable businesses that people need and love!

In Progress

What I believe in

Autonomous, Cross-Functional Team

Removing dependencies between siloed departments, setting up autonomous teams, and giving them the space to do their best is ultimately how your product will be successful.

Obsessing Over Customer Satisfaction

Build a customer feedback loop for discovering new ways to solve customer problems and deliver value. Your customer should be at the heart of everything you do.

Emotionally Mature Teams

Teams that feel safe to take risks, have difficult conversations, and be vulnerable in front of one another far outperform teams without this attribute.

Innovation As A Goal

Develop – and don’t stop developing – highly skilled, diverse collectives of people to push you to take in new ideas, innovate, and sustain real growth.

Everyone Has A Voice

Diverse teams build better products, but it’s not enough. Make sure every voice gets heard in the conversation by fostering inclusive cultures and amplifying quiet voices.

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